Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stooges - Raw Power


Blogger leslie said...

No, he had on a black t-shirt the night that happened. I remember because he took it off and slung it around my neck and pulled me to the stage and rested his head on my shoulder and sang "Gimme Danger Little Stranger". I still have it. I got crushed by all the freaks behind me pushing forward and my thighs were badly bruised. Then, after I got arrested, my wrists were also bruised from the cuffs. The next morning I'm pretty sure I fell down the steps and busted my head open. Anyway, the t-shirt is in the same drawer as my Chris Isaak "you are too hot" t-shirt, which I have left you in my will.

Also, I would just like to point out that it's ok for me to get arrested and locked up because, unlike Carrie, I can afford to get myself sprung, and all of these petty little misdemeanors squashed, and I'm not costing the taxpayers of this fine nation one red cent.

By the way, did I ever tell you when I blew up my car and had to jump out of it Steven Segal style, the fire department actually had the audacity to send me a bill for putting out the fire? I got another one from the highway department for repair of the crater the explosion made in the road.

It is impossible to have any fun in this day and age.

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Blogger Casey Phobic said...

that's what i'm motherfuckin' talking about!

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Blogger sogoodfoamy said...

fuckin awesome

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